Sunrise Colony – Killington, Vermont

An upbeat and faster-paced destination resort has been created for the Killington Ski Area, the largest in the East and second only to Vail, Colorado. The style of architecture is taken from the New England theme and will adhere to this motif during the 10-year building life of the project. There will be considerable design variety within this motif, however, the theme of New England will be expressed and experienced throughout. There are numerous types of living units, each varying in cost, design and size.

An extensive New England village at the center of the surrounding community is also planned, containing resort hotel, spa and restaurant facilities, one-bedroom and efficiency apartment condominiums, along with outdoor recreational facilities. The first phase of the Village construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 1985. Sunrise is a joint venture of International Paper Company and Hawk Mountain Corporation, with the master plan calling for a 15-acre village complex, ski lifts and a variety of condominium living units located at the 2,500-foot elevation of Killington Ski Area.

The first construction stage of Sunrise is now complete and entails 96 townhouses and garden condominium units with a variety of designs (cost: $19,200,000). One hundred single-bedroom village condominium units of varying designs will be constructed at an approximate cost of $11,000,000.

The second construction stage entails 110 townhouse units, to be started in the spring of 1985, having an approximate cost of $24,750,000. The infra-structure consisting of sewage systems, roads and the like will bring the initial two stages of construction to an approximate cost of $80,000,000. Robert Carl Williams Associates, Architects and Planners, has master planned the entire Sunrise project and is the architect of all the buildings of the community and commercial village.

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