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We evaluate wonderful historic structures to assess their integrity and see what is needed to breathe new life into them, re-purposing where necessary to meet current needs.  Well-built landmark buildings can be around for hundreds of years and should be respected as we make our choices for renovating homes, office spaces and housing.

It was a sad day when I heard about a town that had voted to put up a new metal building for their town hall instead of saving and expanding their existing historic structure fully capable of housing the town’s needs for centuries to come. I would stand in front of the bulldozer to stop the destruction of this historical building!  The vote to keep the original building lost by one vote.

Restoring or preserving old buildings come with different requirements.  The similarity is our old buildings of sound construction are worthy of renewed life.  Our heritage is what our forefathers and mothers, along with the business and community leaders of their times have built.  It is our duty to save these significant buildings when possible.  What follows are examples of our work in this area of architecture.  

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