On designing: Elijah Kehn

On designing: Elijah Kehn

Since my work now is predominately on the computer, I have immense respect and admiration for my Dad, as well as the architects here at RCWA (and elsewhere) who once created all of their drawings with just a pencil, straight edge and compass. On designing: Elijah Kehn


What I enjoy most about designing is that it is basically a clean slate every time.  There is always an opportunity to come up with something original.


I am really interested in squeezing as much functionality out of spaces as possible, thus decreasing the need for excessive square footage.  Making the home as energy efficient to save costs; i.e. modern insulation methods, natural "daylighting", and heating methods such as heat pumps or radiant floors.  Creating outdoor living spaces so functional and inviting that people would rather spend their time outside when the weather permits. This kind of design is about intentionality and respect for our environment. 

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