Master Plans

Canyon Ranch Health Spa – Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch is known as one of America’s premier health spas. Its style of design is the southwestern desert architecture of Arizona. Robert Carl Williams Associates recently completed a new integrated Master Plan of the Ranch, resulting in doubling its site. Also accomplished was the design and pl...
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Sunrise Colony – Killington, Vermont

An upbeat and faster-paced destination resort has been created for the Killington Ski Area, the largest in the East and second only to Vail, Colorado. The style of architecture is taken from the New England theme and will adhere to this motif during the 10-year building life of the project. There wi...
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Hawk Mountain Colonies-Central Vermont

Five destination resorts have been created throughout central Vermont. The architecture is of mountain styling, which is intended to blend with nature and meld with the rugged settings of the structures. The Hawk colonies were created with their own in-house land development organization, originated...
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