On ideal projects: Elijah Kehn

On ideal projects: Elijah Kehn

My ideal project would be one whose vision is to blend seamlessly with its natural environment.  In particular, the forest or nearby water.  I am blessed to say I have already had a taste of designing my ideal project.  I recently designed a house for my Dad in the Caribbean. 


The first important decision was to choose the right building site.  We found a building lot with an exquisite view, set at the top of a mountain range looking down at the harbor below.  Although a spectacular location, the house would need to be carved (terraced) into the mountain side on a very steep slope.  This was challenging for construction, along with making sure it was properly engineered structurally so that it was pinned to the mountain side and could withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. 


It was also important to design the house so that the necessary spaces took advantage of the sweeping views, that the home could be cooled as much as possible by the prevailing winds, and that there was adequate shading from the hot Caribbean sun.   This construction is still ongoing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it with my Dad.


I’m looking forward to doing more 3D modeling and more Ski homes over the next few years as I study to take my professional licensing exams. Since working at RCWA, I have gotten more skilled at our 3D computer program.  Due to the enormity of the program’s abilities, there are always things to learn and improve my skills.  Each 3D model I do gives me a level of creative while providing new challenges to overcome.  Since 2D drawings can sometimes be difficult to envision, 3D modeling can help clients better visualize their project. 

 3D Modeling Elijah Kehn



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