On lessons and mentors: Steve Fenn

On choosing architecture: Steve Fenn

Daniel Pratt is such a talented architect. He just nails the concept. He recently shared his secret sauce. While so simple and obvious, he really gets how spaces work well together. Hearing his explanation gave me a different perspective. I really enjoy all the ways he continues to teach.On lessons and mentors: Steve Fenn


He has taught me to treat everyone fairly, be honest, and do the best work possible. Whereas Robert taught me to fight for what you believe in. He was passionate about his beliefs. If you had a problem, you'd want him in your corner.


With over 25 years of experience, I'd say the lessons I hope to pass on would be that a good architect needs to understand how a building goes together.  The greatest design in the world doesn’t work if it can’t be built.  Time spent holding a hammer is as important as design work sitting at a desk. 


Here at RCWA, we do everything- from an additions/renovations to commercial to lodges on top of mountains. It has provided such a well rounded opportunity. Many places specialize. Being in Vermont, we don't. It's led to really interesting opportunities, stretching my creativity.


I have been here since 1992 and worked for Hawk Mountain Development (Robert Carl Williams was one of the founders) prior to that. I am still learning and challenged regularly which keeps things interesting. For 2017 I'd like to continue to expand beyond our state. We have worked in Salt Lake City, Aspen, Tucson, Wisconsin, the Bermudas, Finland.  I love to travel and have been blessed to have been involved in several projects in warmer climates.  Every winter in Vermont I long to find more warmer projects. 

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