On choosing architecture: Steve Fenn

On choosing architecture: Steve Fenn

In high school, we had to take a career aptitude test to determine what we would be post graduation. My test determined I would be an excellent sign painter. My mom said, "No way!" She saw a better future for me. I retook the test, changing a few answers, and architect was the result.


I took an architectural drafting course in high school and I was hooked. Daniel Pratt was the instructor. Honestly, I don't really remember taking the course, but Dan does and he loves to tell the story. I applied and was accepted into the University of Virgina's Landscape Architecture program, but by the time I entered school, they'd cut the program and transferred me into architecture.


I have always been a "creative type." I loved to draw and build balsa wood models of all types.  I still have the airplane models I built! Now I get to create and design on a much larger scale.


I really love taking a great design concept and working out the construction details.  Working for a small firm in Vermont provides more opportunities to be involved in every aspect of a project: meeting with clients, concept design, construction documents and working with builders during construction.  A successful project requires coordination and solving problems from start to finish.Vermont Architecture Steve Fenn


Here at RCWA, we do everything- from an additions/renovations to commercial to lodges on top of mountains. It has provided such a well rounded opportunity. Many places specialize. Being in Vermont, we don't. It's led to really interesting opportunities, stretching my creativity.


I have been here since 1992 and worked for Hawk Mountain Development (Robert Carl Williams was one of the founders) prior to that. I am still learning and challenged regularly which keeps things interesting. For 2017 I'd like to continue to expand beyond our state. We have worked in Salt Lake City, Aspen, Tucson, Wisconsin, the Bermudas, Finland.  I love to travel and have been blessed to have been involved in several projects in warmer climates.  Every winter in Vermont I long to find more warmer projects. 

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