On Becoming An Architect: Daniel J. Pratt

On Becoming An Architect: Daniel J Pratt

As a child, I delivered papers and spent the summers boating and canoeing at Lake George, NY. I observed the very different sizes and shapes of the homes, cottages and buildings, along with the very differing amount of details, beauty, color and stature. It was subtle at first.

As I collected the money for the papers on my route, I became friends with people around the lake. I realized there were differing habitants with differing charcter and routine in their routine with myself and others. I did not know the words that I now speak, but I understood what I was experiencing and feeling. It left an impression.

Architectural Beginnings Daniel Pratt

In high school, I took art classes, mechanical drawing and an architectural drawing course. I also took shop where we got to build things. I found myself really appreciating both the simple and the complex. I began sketching what I wanted for myself when I grew up. That's really how I started down the road of architecture.

The short version of all this: I have always enjoyed and appreciated the built environment, wanted to create a shelter worthy of myself, my family, and others.

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