On the Joy of Architecture: Daniel J. Pratt

On the Joy of Architecture: Daniel J. Pratt

Every architectural prject is like a wonderfully intriguing puzzle. Making that puzzle work for others and to see their reactions to what could be theirs is always a heartfelt AH-HA moment. 

The mystery solved brings out their appreciation of what I have just accomplished for them. The architecture I do is never for me, but for fulfilling my clients' dreams. I would never design something that I would not love to live in myself. That is my guage. We always aim to come in slightly below the budget, too. That really makes the client happy!

The artchitectural project puzzles are so great! If I had to make a list of the most exciting moments of each project. this would only be scratching the surface:

  • The land, the surroundings; the view(s) and the approach;
  • The shape and size to fit the program of the owner(s), their families and guests, or the employees and patrons if it is a resort or commercial project;
  • The materials selection - stone, wood, glass, porcelain, copper, nickel are come of my favorites;
  • The diversity of materials to choose from these days from all over the world;
  • Color selections;
  • Air flow, heating, fireplaces;
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, storage spaces, entertainment centers;
  • The fine details such as molding, windows, staircases.

The list could go on and on! I love my job and the possibilities it affords me.The joy springing forth from the creativity keeps the young, inspired, curious boy in me alive even after half a century in this field.


The architectural puzzle


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