Hawk Mountain Colonies-Central Vermont

Five destination resorts have been created throughout central Vermont. The architecture is of mountain styling, which is intended to blend with nature and meld with the rugged settings of the structures. The Hawk colonies were created with their own in-house land development organization, originated for the specific purpose of the Hawk enterprises.

Hawk colonies vary in size from 165 acres containing 43 homes, to 1000 acres with several hundred homes at build-out. The Salt Ash Colony contains a combination of detached homes and condominium units as well as common facilities. It is the latest Hawk community and is ongoing.

Sunrise Colony is comprised of condominiums set on the slopes of Killington Resort. The remaining three colonies are located in the White River Valley among the rich natural resources of the Green Mountains.

Robert Williams created the Hawk organization and its community concept and for eighteen years (1962-1980) served as its president and chief executive officer. Approximately 350 homes and 40 condominiums have been constructed thus far in five Hawk communities.

The services of Hawk include:

  1. Project site selection and acquisition.
  2. The creating of the marketing concept for architectural development and master planning.
  3. Design and construction of project infra-structure – roads, utilities, etc.
  4. The homes, custom designed for each client.
  5. Organization and management of an in-house construction force of 100 persons.
  6. Sales and marketing programs to national and international markets.
  7. Property and rental management of Hawk’s residential and commercial properties.
  8. Executive organization unifying the various development disciplines with associated cost control of financial and personnel management.

The resultant Hawk “product” is a complete “turn-key” organization with follow-up rental and property management.

In 1980, Robert Williams sold his interest in the Hawk enterprises while retaining full architectural control of the home designs.  

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