Canyon Ranch Health Spa – Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch is known as one of America’s premier health spas. Its style of design is the southwestern desert architecture of Arizona. Robert Carl Williams Associates recently completed a new integrated Master Plan of the Ranch, resulting in doubling its site. Also accomplished was the design and planning of Canyon’s new time-share units now under construction.

The major challenge of doubling the size of Canyon Ranch lay in planning the new facilities in such a way that they would complement the existing physical plant. It was of essential importance that the new facilities blend with the existing, so that the original Canyon Ranch building would not appear to be “second-best.” The architectural styling of the time-share unit shows a matching red tile roof and soft adobe exterior treatment in order to visually tie the new units to the existing architecture of the Ranch. By continuing the visual theme already begun in the existing buildings, the new time-share units became more an extension of the Ranch facilities than an addition to them.

The master planning of the expansion required an organization which would take into account an already existing major infra-structure of utilities and roadways. In doubling the size of the Canyon Ranch facilities, the new Master Plan provided for not only new living units, but spa and health facilities as well. A new dramatic dining facility was also designed in the Plan whereby the beautiful setting of Canyon Ranch in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains could be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

The beautiful landscaping and walkways created in the original section of the Ranch will be replicated throughout the total scheme, thus carrying forward another important visual theme to integrate successfully the total concept of the Master Plan.

Working with the owner and other members of top management at Canyon Ranch over a number of months has given our organization an in-depth understanding of the business and physical plant necessary for the profitable operation of one of the nation’s most successful health spa resorts.

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