Hawk Homes

Hawk Mountain Custom Homes

The Hawk homes are unique and were originally designed as weekend and vacation homes for all seasons.  They give skiers, hikers, bikers, kayakers and those who just want to enjoy a good book; a place to do so.  Hawk resorts have offered youth events and camps, horseback riding, wedding venues, and the like for years.  Some of the original weekend and vacation homes have become permanent homes for retirement or for the following generation(s).

The custom home designs of the Hawk colonies are not only green in their design and construction, but the sites in the colony are carefully arranged to preserve the original features of the land itself. The utmost care is taken with home and site to ensure sustainability.

In addition to the Hawk Community in Plymouth, VT; there are 3 additional communities in Pittsfield, Stockbridge and Rochester, VT.

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